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The US Census Bureau has purposely gone outside its mission statement to redefine the definition of the family.  

This upcoming September, the Census Bureau will officially release the 2013 American Community Survey. The one glaring change from previous years, it will officially categorize an estimated 180,000 same-sex couples as “family.”

Whether or not the household contain a married couple between a male and female, or a partnership between two people of the same sex -- the Census Bureau plans to combine the data into the same field.

In previous years, the Census Bureau would report them as households that contain same-sex partnerships, civil unions, or “marriages” (depending on the state).

In many US states, marriage is defined as a union between a man and a woman. Very few states have gone through the legislative process to change that definition. Many states have been forced to receive this new definition of marriage by an Obama appointed activist judge. This change by the Census Bureau is another example of how the Obama Administration has infringed it’s ideology on the belief system of the majority of Americans.

Help us stand for the family in America! Sign our petition to John Thompson, Executive Director of the Census Bureau. Make your statement heard -- a family is started and can only be defined by union between a man and a woman! There is no other definition. 

The Petition

Stop redefining the family!

Mr. John Thompson, Executive Director, US Census Bureau:

Marriage is a union between one man and one woman!

I am disturbed by the decision of the Census Bureau to categorize same-sex couples as “family.”  In many US states, marriage is defined as a union between one man and one woman. This is outside your authority, or the authority of any other member of the Executive Branch within the Federal Government.  

I urge you immediately to reverse your policy change. 

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