Thank Governor Little for Defending Biology against LGBT Ideology!

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Governor Brad Little
On March 31, 2020 Governor Brad Little of Idaho passed into law two acts defending biological truth in Idaho: the "Fairness in Women's Sports Act" and the "Idaho Vital Statistics Act." These laws prevent biological males from competing against girls in sporting events simply because they claim a "female gender identity," or from changing birth certificates to reflect individuals' "gender identity" rather than their biological sex.Sign this petition to thank the Governor for passing these laws, and encouraging him to ensure a proper defense of them against any litigation that may arise from the powerful LGBT lobby.

The Petition

Thank you for passing HB 500 and HB 509!

Governor Little: Thank you for passing HB 500 and HB 509 to defend biological fact in Idaho and to protect Idaho girls’ and women’s rights!

These acts are critically important to preserve the truth of biology in vital records and to safeguard the protections guaranteed girls and women under Title IX.

I hope that you will aggressively defend these laws if any litigation should arise against them, and know that you have the support of countless Americans for this brave and decisive action!

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