Help protect kids from transgender surgery

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Sen. Helene Duhamel (Committee Member)
Sen. Red Dawn Foster (Committee Member)
Sen. Phil Jensen (Committee Member)
Sen. Arthur Rusch (Committee Member)
Sen. Lance Russell (Committee Member)
Sen. Deb Soholt (Committee Member)
Sen. Wayne Steinhauer (Committee Member)

A bill in South Dakota - HB 1057, also known as "The Vulnerable Child Protection Act" - has passed the House of Representatives.

The bill is meant to protect children suffering from gender dysphoria from being inflicted with life-changing medical interventions such as puberty-blocking medication regimens or surgical sterilization procedures.

The bill is scheduled for a hearing before the Senate Health and Human Services Committee on Monday, February 10th at 10:00 AM CST.  Sign this petition to let the members of that committee know that children deserve loving care and protection from medical providers, and not to be manipulated and medically mutilated as pawns in an ideological game.

The Petition

Support HB 1057 - Protect South Dakota's Kids!

Dear Senator:

I write today to urge your support of HB 1057, also known as "The Vulnerable Child Protection Act."

Research has shown children and adolescents experiencing gender dysphoria will often "grow out of" it given time and loving care. Intervening medically with life-altering proceedures is dangerous and irresponsible. Even puberty blockers can be a life-changing intervention, since there is a normal time at which the body undergoes puberty, and delaying this until later can have lasting physiognomic and psychological impact.

Children experiencing confusion about their gender and sexuality need loving acceptance and caring understanding, but they do not need to be surgically or chemically altered at such a vulnerable age. Please vote to approve this bill in committee and to pass it from the Senate.

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