Reject The Resistance

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Sen. Mitt Romney (U.S. Senate)
Sen. Lisa Murkowski (U.S. Senate)
Sen. Susan Collins (U.S. Senate)
Sen. Lamar Alexander (U.S. Senate)
Sen. Cory Gardner (U.S. Senate)
Sen. Martha McSally (U.S. Senate)
Sen. Thom Thillis (U.S. Senate)

The Democrats’ impeachment of President Donald Trump in the House of Representatives was an outrageous, entirely partisan, unfair and anti-constitutional abuse of power. Now the US Senate has begun the trial and the Democrats, led by the despicable Adam Schiff, are desperately trying to force President Trump’s closest current and former advisors to testify against him.  But that’s not the worst of it. The Democrats are laying the groundwork for the unthinkable to happen – to secure the votes of four Republicans to join with them to compel witnesses against the President. They are targeting four RINOs – Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski and Lamar Alexander – along with three other GOP Senators who face difficult reelection campaigns. They want these Senators to betray President Trump, and America, by creating the impression that the impeachment of President Trump is “bipartisan.” 

Let’s be clear, the reason that the Democrats impeached President Trump in the House is not to overturn the 2016 election, but to win the next one. They’re desperate to make impeachment the overarching issue in the 2020 presidential election and they are counting on four Senate Republicans to help them. 

If Adam Schiff and his Democrat cronies are able to convince four Republicans to demand that witnesses like John Bolton or Mick Mulvaney testify in the Senate trial, it will be a disaster for President Trump and the country. At a minimum, it will mean that impeachment will be hanging over President Trump’s head for months while the courts sort out the legal issues.

We cannot count on the courts to rule with President Trump. The courts are filled with many Obama judges who would not hesitate for one second to compel witnesses to testify against President Trump.

It is imperative that the Senate Republicans that we are targeting hear from the American people that they want them to side with President Trump and reject the effort by Adam Schiff and his cronies to compel witnesses to testify against President Trump. They never bothered to call these witnesses in the House and now they want the Republicans to do their dirty work in the Senate.

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Reject The Resistance

I am writing to ask you in the strongest possible terms to vote against any motion to compel witnesses to testify against President Donald Trump in the Senate trial that is now underway. The US Constitution provides that it is the job of the House of Representatives, not the Senate, to bring witnesses forward to establish that the President engaged in treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors and thus should be impeached. The House decided not to bring potential witnesses forward, such as John Bolton and Mick Mulvaney, because they did not want to endure the months-long legal process that would unfold from a legal challenge in the courts. Now, they want the Senate to do their dirty work for them.

Why are the Democrats doing this? Because it will throw the country, and the Trump presidency, into chaos and crisis as the courts sort these issues out, all the while making impeachment the dominant issue in the 2020 election as it hangs above President Trump’s head for months. If four Republicans go along with this scheme, they will be doing great harm to President Trump, and America, and help the Democrats elect a radical nominee as President this November. 

I implore you to stand with President Trump and the American people when the motion to compel witnesses comes before you. It is up to the American people to decide who serves as President in an election that is less than ten months away. Please do not vote to add bipartisan credibility to a sham, highly-partisan, abusive impeachment process. 

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