Stop Drag Queen Storytime at Haverford Library!

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Mr. Sukrit Goswami (Haverford Library Director)
Rachee Fagg (Haverford Library Youth Services Director)
Youth Services Office (Haverford Library)
Phil Goldsmith (President, Board of Trustees)
Margaret Fox-Tully (Vice President, Board of Trustees)
Debbie Cella (Treasurer, Board of Trustees)
Madeline O'Fria (Secretary, Board of Trustees)
Jim Brown (Member, Board of Trustees)
Alyce Callison (Member, Board of Trustees)
J. Scott Lowe (Member, Board of Trustees)
Steve D'Emilio (Haverford Twp. 1st Ward Commissioner)
Mario Oliva (Haverford Twp. 2nd Ward Commissioner)
Kevin McCloskey (Haverford Twp. 3rd Ward Commissioner)
Daniel Siegel (Haverford Twp. 4th Ward Commissioner)
Andy Lewis (Haverford Twp. 5th Ward Commissioner)
Larry Holmes (Haverford Twp. 6th Ward Commissioner)
James McGarrity (Haverford Twp. 7th Ward Commissioner)
Gerry Hart (Haverford Twp. 8th Ward Commissioner)
William Wechsler (Haverford Twp. 9th Ward Commissioner)

Unbelievably, Haverford library is launching a "Drag Queen Storytime" in our community. This is an assault on our children's innocence and common sense and completely innappropriate. It is also potentially dangerous. Already, in Houston, Texas a convicted pedophile has been one of the presenters to young children. 

Help stop this insanity! For every signature on this petition an email will be sent to Sukrit Goswami, Director of the Haverford Township Library, the Members of the Board of Trustees, and the nine Ward Commissioners of Haverford Township.

Please also call the library at 610-446-3082 and let them know politely and firmly that you want this event cancelled.

Finally, on June 15th from 10:00 - 11:00 am, there will be a time of public protest and prayer in front of the library at 1601 Darby Road, Havertown, PA  19083.

The Petition

Stop Drag Queen Storytime at Haverford Library

To whom it may concern:

I was appalled to find out that a "Drag Queen Story Time" was going to take place at Haverford Township on June 15th, from 10:00-11:00 am.  I can not believe that the library would host such and inappropriate event. 

You should know that already at another "Drag Queen Story Time" in Houston, Texas a convicted pedophile was one of the presenters. 

I demand that you use common sense and cancel this event as soon as possible.

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