Fox Rejects Conservative Super Bowl Commercial

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Mr. Reilly (Fox)

Every year, the Super Bowl becomes the most watched sporting event with millions of viewers worldwide. If people are not watching to enjoy the actual game, they are watching for a chance to see the newest television commercials.

Shamefully, in previous years, the National Football League (NFL) with the help of LIBERAL television broadcasting networks, such as CBS and NBC have rejected conservative TV commercials from broadcasting during the game.

In past years, whether it was the Focus on the Family “Tim Tebow” commercial or a football commercial telling people to lookup “John 3:16” – the NFL demanded television broadcasting networks reject them.

The NFL insists these commercials fall into some sort of controversial category. They tell fans, “Why make the Super Bowl or football political?”  

This year, FOX is broadcasting the Super Bowl. Will the “fair and balanced” FOX be “FAIR AND BALANCED”?

To answer that question: NO! They quickly set the pace on how they’ll handle commercials that express conservative values when they sent Daniel Defense a letter informing them that their commercial was too offensive.

Offensive??? The commercial was neither offensive nor controversial!

Daniel Defense was only advocating for a husband and father's responsibility and right to protect his family. The commercial showed no actual images of firearms and there was no obscene language.

What I do not understand is how New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg can advertise a commercial against the second amendment of the constitution -- but this father, who was a United States Marine, has no right to have a commercial about protecting his family.

Do husbands and fathers not have the right to protect their families? I do not understand the message FOX is sending by denying this commercial.

We should expect far more from FOX. Over the years, they have touted how they are fair and balanced. I am not sold on that. I am sure this year there will be many commercials that degrade women and family -- but we will not see commercials that respect and value them

Please watch this commercial, and if you do not think it is offensive; join us in telling FOX to show the commercial. 

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Stop Rejecting Conservative Commercials

Mr. Reilly:

Please review the manner in which FOX Broadcasting Network handles its Super Bowl advertising policy.

Recently, FOX sent a letter to Daniel Defense informing them that their commercial will not be aired during the Super Bowl because the commercial supposedly does not fit into an NFL approved category.

The commercial is neither offensive nor controversial. Husbands and fathers have every right to protect their families.

Additionally, we ask you to set an example and to show the Daniel Defense commercial during the Super Bowl. 

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