Stop Pushing to Force Transgenderism on our Military!

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President Donald Trump (President of the United States)
Senate Leader Mitch McConnel (Senate Majority Leader)
Senator Chuck Schumer (Senate Minority Leader)
Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Speaker of the House)
Rep. Kevin McCarthy (House Minority Leader)

A group of liberal lawmakers has introduced legislation in both the House and the Senate to force the military to accept so-called transgender individuals as soldiers. Their plan is to take the issue away from President Trump, who has appropriately banned transgender individuals, and the Supreme Court, which recently ruled that the ban may go into effect while the courts examine the legal issues.

Please help us stop the imposition of gender ideology and transgenderism on our military personnel by signing our petition today.

The Petition

Stop Pushing to Force Transgenderism on our Military!

Dear President Trump and Leaders of the Congress,

I am writing to let you know of my opposition to legislation recently introduced in both the House and Senate to force America's military to accept so-called transgender individuals as soldiers.

The military of the United States exists to protect and defend our nation. It should not be used for an expensive social experiment that is being foisted on us by LGBT extremists who want to use politics – and taxpayer money – to advance a dangerous gender ideology.

Leading medical professionals have made it clear that people who claim to be transgender suffer from a serious medical condition – gender dysphoria – and have difficulty accepting the biological reality that they are the sex that matches their body at birth. These individuals are entitled to our concerns and empathy, and need medical treatment. However, the place for that treatment is not in the US military where taxpayers would be saddled with billions of dollars in costs for things like sex-change surgeries, hormone therapies and mental health services.

Please do not allow America's military to be used to advance the agenda of special interest groups who seek to elevate politics over science, undermine military cohesion and impose a costly and disruptive policy that has nothing to do with defending the safety and security of our nation.

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