Believers Banned? Support Trump's Pick for Sec. of State

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Cory Booker (Senator)
Donald Trump (President)
Mike Pompeo (Director, CIA)
Rand Paul (Senator)

On April 12, Liberal Senator Cory Booker, attacked Mike Pompeo, President Trump's pick for Secretary of State because he holds to the truth that marriage is a union of one man and one woman.  Booker's attack on Pompeo because he is a Christian who believes what nearly all Christians have always believed about marriage is beyond the pale.  Booker's thinking would lead to a ban from public office of Christians, Jews and members of other religious faiths who believe in the simple truth that marriage is ordained by God as the union of one man and one woman. Stand up now and let Senator Booker now we will not stand for this!  Your message will also be copied to the President and Mike Pompeo.

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Stop Booker's Ban on Christians! Support Mike Pompeo

Senator Booker,

I can not believe that you just attacked CIA Director Mike Pompeo because he is Christian who believes what almost all Christians have believed throughout history--that marriage is the union of one man and one woman.  This is a core attack on our First Amendment and has no place in the Senate.  Do you not know that Article VI, Section 3 of our Constitution specifically bans religious tests for office?  Are you trying to create a religious test where only the few denominations that support same-sex "marriage" are allowed to serve our country?  Or do you support a reverse religious test, where Christian and other traditional religions are banned from public service?

I am joining thousands in condemning your discriminatory attack on Mike Pompeo.  Enough is enough. We support Pompeo and thank President Trump for nominating such a man to Secretary of State.

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