Thank Secretary DeVos for Protecting Students' Privacy!

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Joshua Venable, Chief of Staff to the Secretary (Office of the Secretary, Department of Education)

In February of 2017, the Department of Education and the Department of Justice announced that they would reverse the dangerous policy of the Obama Administration that instructed schools across the nation to allow access to intimate facilities like bathrooms and locker rooms to any student regardless of biological sex, based on the student's "gender identity." This policy had illegitimagely and absurdly changed the definition of "sex" in law to include "gender identity," which violated the privacy of all students, who would no longer be able to object to a member of the opposite sex sharing intimate and private spaces, creating the potential for humiliating, and indeed dangerous, situations.

Now, in February of 2018, the Department of Education has made its position even more firm, saying that it is not the Department's policy to try to force schools to allow students access to such intimate shared facilities based on "gender identification," and that schools need to accommodate all students' need for privacy and respect, not just those who "identify" as the opposite sex. Despite what some media ideologues and politicians claim, all this policy does is restore the rational and sane interpretation of federal law that existed prior to the Obama Administration's radical re-definition of "sex" to include "gender identity."

Please sign this letter to the Department of Education thanking Secretary DeVos and her staff for respecting all our children's right to privacy and safety in schools.

When you're done adding your signature, please share this action item with your friends and family, and - if you have time - place a call to the Department of Education at 1-800-872-5327 and tell them you support Secretary DeVos and her staff.

There will be legal challenges made against this policy by radical LGBT activists, and we need the Department of Education and the Department of Justice to stand firm so that every child in America can feel safe and respected at school!

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Thank you for protecting our students' privacy and safety!

Dear Secretary DeVos, Mr. Venable, and Department of Education Staff:

Thank you for protecting the safety and privacy of all our children by reversing the dangerous policy of the previous administration that sought to open intimate and private facilities like locker rooms and bathrooms in our nation's schools to students of the opposite biological sex based upon their claimed gender identity.

Every student deserves to have their privacy and safety respected and preserved at school, and accommodations for students with gender dysphoria cannot come at the expense of other students' basic rights and dignity. 

I encourage you to stand firm in your present course of sane, safe policy, and to know that you have the support of a grateful nation as you face the legal challenges and false media narratives that will inevitably come in response to this common-sense approach to student privacy.

Thank you and please keep up the goood work!

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