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Saint Anthony (Saint Anthony Rehabilitation & Nursing Center)

Saint Anthony Rehabilitation and Nursing Center was founded by Dr. James Pickerill and Jerome Klinker in 1986, Saint Anthony Rehabilitation Nursing Center is located in a 20 mile radius of Lafayette, Indiana. It is in close proximity to all local hospitals and has long been acknowledged as a leading senior care and nursing home provider that offers long term care to their patients. Our beautifully designed facility is widely recognized as one of the most attractive in the area.

Through the years, Saint Anthony Rehabilitation Nursing Center has continued to grow and evolve to meet community needs. Today we offer a range of care from temporary respite stays, to short-term rehabilitation, to long-term skilled nursing care, as well as a broad array ofspecialty programs and services such as injury rehabilitation and hip replacement. At Saint Anthony Rehabilitation Nursing Center spiritual presence is also a part of the healing process. We are a Catholic oriented facility that offers daily Mass by our priest at our on-site Chapel. We support the spiritual growth of all residents and make accommodations for all faiths.

Moreover, our convenient location provides immediate access to hospital specialists in virtually every area of medicine, as well as emergency care, should it be required. Our therapists are trained to offer services in occupational, physical and speech therapy. Our nurses offer caring, professional service to all of our residents. We provide attention on all fronts including therapeutic, dietary and spiritual care. With a staff of care personnel trained for emergencies,our residents are always in safe-keeping. Our staff is caring and compassionate with average of fifteen years experience and service. Our facility offers newly-renovated rooms and amenities like WIFI and an enclosed courtyard.


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Top Best Reasons Why Nursing Homes Are So Substantial

Whether you are a temporary caller going from beginning to end Long-Term Rehabilitation or short-term rehabilitation or for a long-term care, there are lots of proceeds to living in a skilled nursing and nursing facility or nursing home. just now Renovated Nursing Facility can offer a truly enriching and helpful source of revenue surrounding. The primary goal of a nursing home is to assist elderly people exist safely in addition to independently in their homes in addition to group of people for providing likely. a lot of ill and aging citizens are knowledge a higher quality of being as a result of person clever to stay source of revenue in their own homes through their last years as opposed to touching into a senior care ability. Whether you or your old appreciated one needs assist with meals, housework, errands or other daily behavior, providers of home-based older care and past are standing by to make easy those farm duties.     
Here are some of the causes why nursing homes are so essential
1. Greater ease of use Of Healthcare Services
5-Star Nursing Facility in addition to services are available 24/7. The nursing home vigilantly repairs your checkup desires, watching for changes in addition to early warning signs, and communicating with your additional healthcare supplier in addition to give Pet-Friendly Nursing Facility. The skilled provide an additional safety net, looking out specifically for drug interactions and side effects, in addition to the checkup manager and medication review committees of Nursing home can provide additional mistake into the checkup care of residents. 
2. assist With behavior Of Daily Living
If you need assist with basic daily everyday jobs like dip, dressing, drinking, walking or transferring, Comprehensive Care, Diabetes Care, and Cancer Care, this is the put for you. in addition to even if you don't have those desires, a star will take care of your laundry, plates, organization, cookery-all of those dull tasks will be handled for you! 
3. Physical task 
Attractive in physical task, at whatever level you are capable, is very important to maintain your good health. Seniors who live alone often turn into sitting due to the risk of declining or need of opportunities to slot in in train. Nursing home, on the other hand, provides a range of opportunities for residents to exercise and move such as Orthopedic Rehabilitation, Catholic Nursing Facility in addition to Rehabilitation Facility in addition to so on.       
4. Social Interaction in addition to Spiritual Support
Citizen who exist alone are often remote and alone; it is easy for them to become unhappy in addition to despondent. Nursing home residents have full chance to make friends and hold in enriching social activities similar to music programs, crafts, Bingo, foreign language classes, in addition to society trip. Especially for people who have a social in addition to gregarious nature, this can be a fun in addition to fulfilling environment.   Skilled Nursing
When a patient needs a level of mind that cannot be offered by some combination of family members and home health services, it is the right time to move into a nursing home. This might be the eventual result of symptoms linked to dementia, stroke, hip replacement or other injuries, disease or illness. In these circumstances, 24-hour care in addition to assistance may be just what the doctor prepared. You need the level of care that can best be provided in a skilled nursing facility. 

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