Stop New Abortion Clinic in Indiana From Opening!

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Jennifer O'Malley (Indiana Dept of Health)


A non-profit organization called Whole Woman’s Health, out of Texas has initiated the opening of a new facility in South Bend, Indiana.  Their prospect for an abortionist has landed on the hiring of Dr. Jeffrey Glazer of Louisville.  Dr. Glazer will now be traveling the entire length of the Hoosier state, killing babies along the way.  His practice currently has him performing abortions in Kentucky, Ohio, and in Indiana.  Every Friday, you can find him at 1201 N Arlington St in Indianapolis, where he proudly zooms in the parking lot in his fancy car to terminate over 20 little boys and girls.  Dr. Glazer is moving his occupation to the northwest corner of our state to expand his business.

The industry of murdering innocent human life is growing!

The deccision for the opening of the abortion clinic is in the hands of the Indiana State Dept of Health. Sign the petition to tell them that we don't want Indiana killing babies.


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The Petition

Stop New Abortion Clinics From Opening!

Whereas: Abortion clinics have terminated more than 60,000,000 lives in the last 40+ years.

Whereas: A Texas non-profit has initiated the opening of a new abortion clinic in South Bend, Indiana and in Charlottesville, VA. They are expanding their industry and targeting low-income and minority communities.

Whereas: Their strategy is to kill more babies within a shorter period of time with less financial investment, focusing on early gestation and chemical abortions. 

Whereas: Our nation prominently agrees with Science that human life begins at conception and deserves to be protected from the moment of existance.

Therefore: It is pertinent that we band together and force the abortion of innocent human life to be stopped immediently.

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