Gov. Christie: Marriage is between one man and one woman

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Gov. Christie (Governor)

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie stopped listening to the people, as his inaction alone gave gay “marriage” a green light in his state.

Gov. Christie was overcome by liberal influence and decided to abandon the fight to preserve the definition of marriage in his State. When a liberal activist judge made a ruling that allows gay couples to “marry”, Christie withdrew his appeal to the Supreme Court that would have overturned the lower court’s decision.  By doing this, the Republican Governor, has made New Jersey the 14thState in the United States to permit gay “marriage”.

Does Gov. Christie have future political ambitions? Is this an attempt to look more liberal in order to run for President in 2016?Does he secretly support gay “marriage”? These are all questions the people of New Jersey asked themselves when Christie chose not to fight.

Tell Chris Christie to stop playing politics and defend marriage.Signing this petition sends an alert to Chris Christie telling him to do his job and be the voice of the people, not his own interests.

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Gov. Christie: Marriage is between one man and one woman

Governor Chris Christie;

The definition of marriage is between one man and one woman. Your failure to act on behalf of the New Jersey people has consequently redefined marriage in the state.  A decision of an activist judge is not equivalent to the voice of the New Jersey people. We ask you to put aside your future political ambitions and fight for the true definition of marriage in New Jersey.

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