Thank you Pope Francis

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Pope Francis (Bishop of Rome)

Pope Francis is pro-life. He has made very powerful pro-life statements and  beautiful pro-life gestures, reaching out to support an unmarried mother.

Most of all, he has called for reaching out those who are wounded by sin, to help them heal.

Some in the media and in advocacy groups have mistaken this call for mercy for an imminent change in the ancient teachings of Christianity.

Thank Pope Francis, for his witness to life! And help the media understand that showing mercy and forgiveness does not redefine sin out of existence. 

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Thank you Pope Francis

We are grateful for your pro-life witness.

We are grateful that you spontaneously attended the March for Life in Rome.

We love how you called the unmarried mother and consoled her, telling her that her child is a “gift from God."

We loved your statement to the doctors: "Every unborn child, condemned unjustly to being aborted, has the face of the Lord."

Most of all, we love your witness of Christian mercy, encouraging us never to be either too rigorous or too lax. As you said, "Neither is merciful, because neither of them really takes responsibility for the person. The rigorist washes his hands so that he leaves it to the commandment. The loose minister washes his hands by simply saying, ‘This is not a sin.'"

We have suffered from our own sins, including the sins of abortion, divorce, pornography and other sexual sins.  We have watched our loved ones suffer. We have suffered at the hands of others.

We applaud your call for mercy, because we all need it, both to receive it, and to give it.

Thank You, Pope Francis,

Post-abortive women, and their friends, everywhere. 

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