Thank Ernie Dronenburg for standing up for Prop 8

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Ernest Dronenburg (San Diego County Clerk )

Remember those charming yellow signs? Remember how much fun we had sign-waving, showing our support for man woman marriage and the radical proposition that kids need their moms and dads? Do you remember that we won, even here in deep blue California!?

The Supreme Court of the United States gave us all a poke in the eye by refusing to address the merits of the constitutionality of Proposition 8.  The elected officials of the state of California have been disrespecting the voters from the beginning of the Prop 8 saga.  So it is a relief to find an elected official who respects the 7 million Californians who voted for Prop 8!

San Diego County Clerk Ernest Dronenburg filed a petition last Friday asking the California Supreme Court to stop county clerks statewide from issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples until it has clarified the legal standing of Proposition 8.

Show your support for Ernie Dronenburg by signing our petition! Did you vote for Prop 8? Have you been rooting for Prop 8 in the courts from the sidelines inside or outside of California?  Now is your chance to do something to help! The lawless attacks on the rule of law must stop.

The Petition

Thank Ernie Dronenburg for standing up for Prop 8

Dear Mr. Dronenburg,

Thank you for standing up for Prop 8, for the voters of California, for democracy and for the rule of law.  You are one of the few elected officials who is showing the voters of California the respect they deserve. Your legal filing with the California Supreme Court will bring needed clarity to the law concerning Proposition 8, and will help restore confidence in governmental process, which has been sorely eroded by elected officials and activists judges.

Thank you for your leadership. Continue to stand strong for the rule of law! 

Your friends,


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