I Pledge to Vote in 2012

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Fellow Citizens (USA)

In two short years with control of the House, the Senate and the Presidency - Democrats wrecked the economy, indebted us to China, took away our liberties, advanced a "de-Christianization" program and sought to fundamentally alter our nation. 

Elite liberals, special interest groups and foreign entities are pouring millions upon millions of dollars into Democratic campaigns to keep their allies in power and refashion America as the United States of Europe.  But, we still have a right more powerful than their money and scheming.

It is up to each of us to use our right and cast our vote for America.  Vote the Democrats out of office in 2012.

Pledge to do your part in restoring our nation by voting in 2010.

The Petition

I Pledge to Vote in 2010

I will join with my fellow Americans this November and vote in the 2010 elections.