Thank Best Buy for Staying Neutral in the Culture War Over Marriage!

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Best Buy Interim CEO Mike Mikan (Best Buy)

Best Buy is the newest target of same-sex marriage activists seeking corporate support for their efforts to redefine marriage.  To date Best Buy has respected the diverse beliefs of their customers, employees, and shareholders, and stayed neutral on the Minnesota constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman. 

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Thank Best Buy for Staying Neutral

Dear Interim CEO Mikan,

We, the undersigned, do hereby request that Best Buy continue to respect the diverse views of its customers, employees, and shareholders and remain neutral on the passage of the Minnesota marriage amendment, and not adopt a corporate position in opposition to or support of the amendment. 

As a cultural issue that prompts deep seated feelings on both sides of the debate, the meaning of marriage has little to do with any business related interest of Best Buy. 

Opponents of the measure have asked Best Buy to respect everyone in the Minnesota community by taking a position against the marriage amendment.  Taking a position against the amendment specifically disrespects the religious and moral beliefs of every member of the Minnesota community that supports marriage as the union of one man and one woman.  While we support the ability of Best Buy to respect every member of the community, the way to do that is to stay neutral on the marriage amendment and reaffirm Best Buy’s commitment to value every employee and customer, regardless of their beliefs on marriage.

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