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The state of Indiana is under fire, simply for reaffirming the God-given, Constitutionally-protected right of religious freedom. The state government is being persecuted by a vocal, powerful minority led by the elites of the cultural left.

Now is the time to #SupportIndiana, and encourage Governor Mike Pence NOT to give in to the left's shrill demands!

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) simply requires that the state government demonstrate a compelling state interest before curtailing religious freedom. Unless the government can show that their law is the least burdensome means of achieving a legitimate state interest, they cannot unduly force individuals (including business owners) to violate their religious convictions.

The federal government passed an RFRA in 1993, co-sponsored by Democratic Senator Churck Schumer and signed into law by President Bill Clinton. Since then, 18 states have passed similar legislation and 13 other states provided similar protections through the courts system. A total of 31 states have religious freedom protections similar to Indiana.

Yet the powerful LGBT lobby has suddenly attacked the RFRA as a "new Jim Crow" law permitting discrimination against homosexuals. Of course, that's ridiculous. Nothing in the law changes existing non-descrimination statutes. The laws are simply a shield for religious expression, not a sword for discrimination. None of the other states with RFRAs allow discrimination against any classes of individuals.

Homosexual activist George Takei has called for a boycott of Indiana. Gay Apple CEO Tim Cook piled on in an op-ed. Angie's List is pulling out of a $400 million expansion in Indiana. Hollywood celebrities Ashton Kutcher and Mylie Cyrus bashed Indiana's law on social media. Connecticut Governor Malloy banned most state-sponsored employee travel to Indiana.

This is an unprecedented backlash against an eminently reasonable proposal. This opposition has either been misinformed by the liberal media or is deliberately trying to extinguish religious freedom in this country.

We must stand with Governor Mike Pence of Indiana. Religious liberty is a RIGHT not a PRIVILEGE in this country and we must demand that it is protected!

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The Petition

I support the Religious Freedom Restoration Act

Governor Pence,

Thank you for signing the Religious Freedom Restoration Act into law in your state. The right to exercise one's religious faith in the public square is a God-given, Constitutionally-protected right that every American ought to enjoy.

I encourage you to stand boldly against the backlash of a vocal minority who have been misinformed about this law. Do not give way to their demands!

The great state of Indiana is a beacon of hope for those who still cherish the principle of religious freedom upon which this nation was founded.

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