Stop this Catholic School Teacher for Being Fired for....Being Catholic!

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Mrs. Jean G. Kline, M.Ed. (Principal, Immaculata High School )
Sr. Anne Brigid Gallagher (Asst. Principal, Dean of Studies, Immaculata High School)
Mr. Thomas Welsh (Asst. Principal for Student Affairs, Immaculata High School)
Mrs. Sheila White (Asst. Principal, Director of Guidance, Immaculata High School )
Most Reverend Paul G. Bootkoski, DD (Bishop of Metchun, NJ)

Patricia Januzzi, a teacher at the Catholic Immaculata High School in New Jersey, is under fire and in danger of losing her job because she posted her opinions (which were not, in fact, contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church) about marriage and family on her Facebook page.

Of course the same-sex ‘marriage’ activists came out in force and are putting intense pressure on the school’s administration to dismiss her for “hate speech” and calling for a “school-wide Stop Hate Speech awareness day and sensitivity training for students and teachers.” (from petition)

In other words, contradicting the orthodoxy of same-sex ‘marriage’ requires thought re-education… even if it is for one of the world’s oldest and most diverse religion, representing over a billion people world-wide.

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Support Ms. Januzzi

Dear Principal Kline,

I am writing in defense of Ms. Januzzi and urging you in the strongest terms possible to take no disciplinary action against her for her recent comments.

It is a fact that there are some who want to redefine marriage no matter what the cost of doing so is to society.  And it is likewise a fact that children do best when raised by their biological mother and father.  These are facts that are utterly consistent with Catholic teaching on marriage and family.

Whatever opinions Ms. Januzzi issued on the subject, they are her opinions and do not in any way contradict the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Giving in to extremists who espouse an ideology utterly inconsistent with the Catholic Church and who want to silence the Church and limit her ability to speak out in society on questions of fundamental importance – including life, marriage and liberty – would be extremely ill advised.

Please take a stand behind your employee and in so doing, defend the Church’s teachings on marriage.

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