Stop Obama funneling billions to his corporate supporters!

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John Boehner (Speaker)
Eric Cantor (Majority Leader)

Obama proclaims himself a champion of main-street during the day, but at night he is cutting deals in smoke filled rooms to finance his campaign.

The Obama administration has been handing out billions of dollars in taxpayer money to his political supporters. Solyndra and Beacon power recieved $535 and $43 million respectively -- before filing for bankruptcy.

Next Era Energy, who's CEO sits on Obama's Council for Jobs and Competitiveness, received $1.15 billion in taxpayer financed loans.

Exelon Corporation, Obama's fourth largest donor in 2008, received $646 million in taxpayer financed loans.

Demand Congress investigate and stop Obama!

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Investigate Obama's crony capitalism!

Dear Speaker Boehner and Minority Leader Cantor:

Enough is enough!  President Obama's administration has funneled BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars into the pockets of his supporters.  His supporters have already received almost half-a-billion dollars in taxpayer backed loans that have gone bad! 

Solyndra received $535 million and Beacon Power received $43 million - both have filed for bankruptcy and both were tied to the Obama political machine.

Now, Next Era Energy has received $1.5 billion in government guarantees.  The CEO of Next Era sits on President Obama's Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.  

Exelon Corporation was Obama's fourth largest donor in 2008 and they received $646 million in tax payer backed loans - courtesy of the Obama administration.  

We demand you defend tax payers, the free market system and the rule of law -- investigate the Obama administration and the Energy Department!

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