Urge Mayor Reed to Reinstate Kelvin Cochran as Fire Chief of Atlanta!

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Mayor Reed (Atlanta Mayor)

The Mayor of Atlanta has fired Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran for self-publishing a book that expressed his own personal religious beliefs, which includes beliefs about marriage and family based on Scripture.  

The Mayor gave into pressure from LGBT activists who want to silence free speech and punish anyone who dares to disagree with their radical agenda to redefine gender relations and dismantle God's design for men and women reflected in the institution of marriage. Join us in urging the Mayor to right this wrong, to apologize to Mr. Cochran and to all people of faith who have been insulted by this action, and to reinstate Cochran as Fire Chief of Atlanta.

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Mayor Reed:

I demand that you reinstate Kelvin Cochran as Fire Chief of Atlanta and issue a formal apology to him and to all people of faith whom you have insulted by indicating that their beliefs are unfit to be expressed publicly.

Mr. Cochran was exercising his fundamental rights of freedom of expression and freedom of religion when he self-published his book detailing his firmly-held beliefs. The book and its contents have no bearing on Mr. Cochran's fitness to serve as Fire Chief and should not be used as a trumped-up cause for punishing him for holding personal opinions that are considered "politically incorrect."

By caving into the radical activists who decided to bully and harass Mr. Cochran, you have sent a message to all Atlanta residents that you will not support their own rights to hold and to express their religious values in the public square, but will sell them out to special interests and powerful lobbies. I urge you to right this wrong and undo the harm done to Mr. Cochran and to all people of faith in Atlanta and throughout the country.

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