Stop infringing on religious freedom!

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Mayor Kasim Reed (Atlanta Mayor)

Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran has just been handed a month's suspension without pay because of comments he made in a book he authored last year. The book, titled "Who Told You That You Were Naked?" is based on Cochran's Christian faith and includes his opinions of homosexuality, which he describes as a "sexual perversion". Employees discovered the remarks in the book and filed a complaint with Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed's office. Along with his suspension, Cochran will now have to undergo sensitivity training and will not be permitted to distribute his book to any public employees.

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Support Chief Cochrans Religious Freedom

In Chief Cochran's distinguished career, he has led complex fire departments across the country, which is why Atlanta’s former mayor hired Chief Cochran to run Atlanta’s fire department and why President Obama appointed him to lead the U.S. Fire Administration a few years ago. The mayor and city council need to wash their hands of this and let Chief Cochran get back to doing his job."


Contact Mayor Kasim Reed by signing this petition and urge him to lift the suspension and to stop infringing on religious freedom!

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