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It happened on November 28. CNN's host Brooke Baldwin was interviewing Benjamin Watson of the New Orleans Saints about the riots in Ferguson.

Watson began to give public witness to his Christian faith live on the air, saying:

"The only way to really cure what is inside is understanding that Jesus Christ died for our sins "

Brooke Baldwin did not seem comfortable with Benjamin Watson's witness. Suddenly, the video feed with Watson was cut and all Baldwin said was "just like that, we lost him."

Since then, the video went viral and many have wondered whether the incident was intentional to censor Watson from talking about his Christian faith in Jesus Chris. CNN has offered no further explanation, nor have they apologized to their audience.

Many commentators are not impressed with CNN's lack of response:

  • Tom Blumer of said: “CNN’s handling of its Watson interview was horribly clumsy at best, and rude at worst. In either case, I would think that an apology is in order — but as far as I can tell, none has occurred.”
  • Dan Calabrese of said: "Honestly, I'm not sure" if the CNN's feed cut was intentional, but "If you really want a ranting interview subject to put a sock in it, the right approach is to politely but firmly inform him that you’ve run out of time and thank him for appearing. Brooke Baldwin certainly knows how to do that, andthere’s no reason she couldn’t have if she really felt the interview was getting away from her."

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Explanation regarding Benjamin Watson incident

On November 28, Brooke Baldwin was interviewing Benamin Watson of the New Orleans Saints about the riots in Ferguson.

Watson began offering a religious explanation of the situation that Baldwin did not seem to appreciate. Suddenly, while Watson was giving his religious testimony, the signal went dead. "Just like that, we lost him," was all Brooke said in response.

Does your network censor speech about religion? Was this in an intentional act of censorship on the part of CNN? If there was a technical problem, why hasn't CNN offered an apology to the audience?

I think viewers deserve an explanation of what happened.

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