Urge Governor Brownback to Continue to Uphold Kansas' Marriage Law

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Sam Brownback (Kansas Governor)

Sign this letter to Governor Sam Brownback of Kansas to encourage him and Attorney General Schmidt to continue to defend and uphold Kansas's marriage amendment despite a federal judge's erroneous ruling that the law is unconstitutional. The Governor and other state officers throughout Kansas, such as county clerks, should continue to stand by the definition of marriage passed through the fair democratic process by an overwhelming majority of Kansans just a few years ago, rather than giving in to the whim of an activist judge dictating law from the bench.

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Governor Brownback

I applaud and commend your consistent and principled defense of marriage that you have shown throughout your tenure as Governor of Kansas. In the wake of the recent federal court decision erroneously ruling that Kansas's law is unconstitutional, I would urge you and Attorney General Schmidt to continue to uphold and defend the law as the people of Kansas have determined it, and refuse to give way to a tyrannical and out-of-control judiciary in a matter so important. 

Please use the full authority of your office to order County Clerks and other State officers to continue to refuse to issue marriage licenses that violate state law. Please also continue to aggressively press your appeal of illegitimate federal court rulings seeking to strip Kansas of its sovereign right to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman. The United States Supreme Court has never held that traditional marriage violates the US Constitution, and has noted in the Windsor case that states have historically regulated the definition of marriage. Please continue to insist that judges respect the decision of Kansas voters to define marriage in law the way it exists in reality – the union of one man and one woman - and refuse to accept illegitimate rulings that attempt to decree otherwise.

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