Hold Red Cross Accountable for Intolerance on Marriage

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Red Cross (British Red Cross)

Bryan Barkley was dismissed by the British Red Cross after 18 years’ service as a volunteer, for holding up a sign saying “No Same Sex Marriage” on his own time and unconnected with his volunteer work.

Earlier this year he was invited to attend the British Red Cross garden party at Buckingham Palace. But after learning that he supported traditional marriage, The Red Cross interrogated him on whether or not his views were 'in line' with their 'neutral' position.

The Red Cross then rejected Mr. Barkley as a volunteer because his position was not “compatible” with the movement’s fundamental principles and values. 

Let's hold the Red Cross accountable for this intolerance.

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Hold Red Cross Accountable for intolerance on Marriage

If the Red Cross rejects volunteers because they don't agree with same sex marriage, then the Red Cross does not have a 'neutral' policy regarding it. They are definitely hostile to traditional marriage and their firing of volunteers like Bryan Barkley is entirely based on that hostility.

Being allowed to volunteer and help people should not be based on conformity with politically correct dogmas held abstracty by some corporate mission statement that has no bearing on the efficacy of its stated mission. 

This is just more blatant discrimination and intolerance against anyone that dares to believe in traditional marriage. 

Sign this petition in support of Mr. Bryan Barkley and help us to hold the Red Cross accountable for this intolerance.

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