Stop The Outright Assault On Freedom of Religion in Houston!

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Annise Parker (Houston Mayor)

Under the guise of its new non-discrimination ordinance passed in June of this year, the city of Houston and its first openly lesbian mayor, Annise Parker, has issued subpoenas demanding a group of pastors turn over any sermons dealing with homosexuality, gender identity or the mayor.  More alarming, those ministers who fail to comply could reportedly be held in contempt of court.

Opponents of the law generated over 50,000 signatures for a ballot referendum to overturn the ordinance.  But the city threw out the petition in August citing “irregularities.”  And now it’s targeting the same people who opposed her ordinance.

Fortunately, the pastors are standing strong, refusing to buckle to the government’s demands that they sacrifice their religious liberty and free speech rights to appease a government embarking on a vindictive witch hunt.  We must stand with these pastors and help them fight this outrageous persecution. 

If we don’t act now and demand that the city of Houston and its mayor cease and desist on this blatant attack against religion, it will set a terrifying precedent, effectively gutting our first amendment rights and allowing government to silence our religious leaders from speaking out on critical moral issues.

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Dear Ms. Parker

Demanding the sermons, emails, texts and other communications of select pastors with members of their congregations – under threat of fine, imprisonment or both –is a blatantly unconstitutional action and an affront to people of faith everywhere.

Rather than preserving the integrity of the political and referendum process, you are launching an intolerant moral crusade against those who disagree with you by attacking the leaders of our religious communities, attempting to preclude them from speaking out on critical moral issues.  Our churches derive from religious heritages that have greatly contributed to America with their collective wisdom and charity.  And now you cast that aside and attack them if they don’t agree with your specific agenda.

Enough is enough.  The pastors who courageously spoke up about their Church’s moral teachings should be encouraged and applauded, not harassed and bullied.

You are violating the wall of separation of church and state.  This attack on my religious freedom and the freedom of speech of our religious leaders is an atrocity and should be repudiated by every American who loves our sacred Constitution.

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