Grandparents Rights

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Carrie Smith

If you are a loving grandparent who is no longer able to visit with your grandchildren due to divorce, family dispute or custody given to non-family member, this refers to you. Myself along with many other grandparents try to get custody of their grandchildren every day but the court doesn't recognize our rights and would rather give the children to a non-family member even though the parents state they would like them with family. We pay thousands in lawyers fees and writing appeals when that time could be given to the loving care of our grandchildren. Please sign and tell the court systems in every state that we deserve the rights especially when we have been major caretakers of said children up until said actions.

I live in the state of Ohio in Licking County, Please stand with me in telling Judge Hoover to rethink his allegence to a defectively run Children's Service and their Gardien ad liedem. When grandparents are wanting the children and have a safe and loving home regardless of financial standing they should be able to get full permanent custody or adoption.

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Grandparent Rights

We the people, includes us, the grandparents of children all over the United States. Our rights to pursue happiness by obtaining custody of our grandchildren when the parents have failed to provide a safe home for them is not recognized in most states and the overwhelming and unfair placement of them with non-family members is awful. We pay expensive legal fees and file appeals and are given week excuses for not getting the children we Love so much even when the parents support our motion for custody. Furthermore, in cases of divorce, seperation or family disagreements we are penalized as are the children who love us. We ask the representatives we voted for to protect our rights to please take notice of this ongoing injustice. Give us a voice and tell the children's services, gaurdian ad liedems and the courts to recognize our rights and the contributions we offer to our grandchildren.

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