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New York Giants (New York Giants Football Team)

The New York Giants are under pressure from the radical gay lobby for hiring former player David Tyree, simply because he has publicly affirmed his personally held traditional values about the relations of men and women and the nature of marriage. 

It is unacceptable to think that a person could be faced with losing his job in America today simply for holding values about marriage shared with billions worldwide and attested throughout history and in every major faith tradition. Add your name to this petition to urge the Giants to stand by David Tyree and not to give in to the pressure of an intolerant and bullying special interest group.

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To whom it may concern:

I urge you to stand by your hiring of David Tyree, and not succumb to the pressure of activists who would like to see him punished simply for disagreeing with their agenda to radically change our public morality and the definition of marriage.

It is outrageous that someone’s job could be threatened in America simply for publicly espousing traditional values about marriage and family! This is not in keeping with the right of free speech, nor does it embody the value of tolerance.

Do not give in to the bullies and special interest groups who want to enforce an agenda of radical political correctness in every corner of society. Please stand firm in your decision to hire Tyree, a decision well merited by his eminent qualifications for the job.

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