Stop the reality series The seX-Factor

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Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook)
Dick Costolo (CEO of Twitter)

Help us stop the new reality series “The seX-Factor.” Family friendly? I think not!

Hollywood has hit rock bottom with the creation of a new series, called "The seX-Factor."

The seX-Factor, hopefully never to be confused with the X-Factor, is a reality series that can be easily accessed via the internet. The show features eight male and eight female amateur porn actors competing against one another for the opportunity to win one million dollars, and to star in their own pornography film.

Counting on participation from the audience, the platform of the show is set up to be judged like any other reality series. On each show, the contestants will perform a series of sex acts, which will be judged by the panelists and the viewers at home for elimination. There are no safeguards in place to prevent children from watching or interacting as ‘viewer judges.’

The official Facebook and Twitter accounts for the show are filled with pornography, with no warning. This is against the terms of use for both Twitter and Facebook.

seX-Factor is dangerous, as it is being portrayed by the media as a casual family friendly program. However, it is not! The creator of the series said that the show will contain real nudity with sex scenes.They are using social media to drive traffic to the show and as a means of interaction with the audience.

The show is expected to premiere in a couple months. If their social media profiles are removed, which the show needs for advertisement and interaction, it will be the first step in getting the program entirely cancelled.

Sign the petition to Facebook and Twitter demanding that they delete the official profiles of the seX-Factor. Their official social media profiles violate the terms of use.

The Petition

Remove the Facebook and Twitter profiles for The seX-Factor

I am writing to you today extremely concerned about the content being displayed on the official social media pages for the reality series The seX-Factor.

They are inappropriately using their profiles to display sexual content and nudity, which violates your terms of use.

Please note that their profiles are easily accessible to children. 

I ask that you remove their profiles immediately. 



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