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Robert D. Hays (Chairman, King & Spalding)

When you hire a law firm for $500,000 you have the right to expect them to be fierce legal advocates on your behalf. But not at King & Spalding. The law firm agreed to represent the US House of Representatives in defending our nations marriage law, defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman. The law was enacted by a large bi-partisan majority in both houses of Congress and signed by President Clinton. King & Spalding was to be paid up to $520 per hour and could collect as much as $500,000 to defend the law. However, as soon as gay marriage advocates complained, the firm abandoned their duty to represent their client kicking the institution of marriage to the curb in their cowardly retreat from their professional obligation.

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Speak up and tell King and Spalding they have made a terrible decision!

Does King & Spalding believe that terrorists and accused murderers are entitled to a defense, but marriage isnt?

Legal experts and media voices have roundly criticized King & Spalding for abandoning their professional obligations in the face of political pressure. Even some liberal gay marriage supporters have condemned the action. Click on the links below to read more.

Add your own voice to the growing chorus of condemnation. Tell King & Spalding chairman Robert Hays what you think of their display of cowardice in the face of pressure, and their abandonment of professional ethics in the pursuit of political correctness.

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